Bespoke Tutoring Agency Launches The Profs Marketplace Offering Self-service Access to Tutors

London, UK – The Profs Tuition have unveiled their groundbreaking new marketplace, marking a significant expansion of their award-winning educational services. This innovative platform offers quality, affordable, and self-service tutoring solutions. The marketplace aims to make working with a tutor accessible to more students, particularly those constrained by time or budget.

The Profs Marketplace Launch Details:

Richard Evans, Founder of The Profs Tuition, shared his vision for the marketplace, “Our objective with this project was to address more effectively the needs of all our customers. Whilst some students desire premium, managed tutoring services, others are on a tight timeline and budget. With The Profs Marketplace, we are looking to cater to those seeking rapid, cost-friendly, self-serviced tutoring. By leveraging technology, we let students find professional tutors and then schedule, pay for, and record online classes. We use machine learning algorithms to match students with tutors and they can work together through our online classroom, at any time and from anywhere.”

Lucy Tittle, Head of Growth at The Profs, further emphasised the marketplace’s broader impact: “We hope that The Profs Marketplace will make tutoring accessible to a wider range of students. Our marketplace services empower learners to take control of their learning, enabling them to schedule tutoring sessions at their convenience, accommodating busy schedules, academic deadlines, and tight student budgets.”

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