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Conversant Technology, a leader in innovative communication solutions, today announced the official opening of its new office in Toronto, Canada. This strategic move marks a significant step in expanding its reach into the North American market, particularly offering cutting-edge unified communication solutions with a focus on Microsoft Teams integration.

Conversant Technology’s flagship product, C360, offers a comprehensive approach to digital and cloud telephony solutions. C360 integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to provide a unified communication platform that encompasses voice, video, messaging, and collaboration tools across multiple channels. This integration aims to enhance the productivity of any business by offering an all-in-one solution that manages telephony and communications with Microsoft Teams for efficiency and ease. Patrick Copping, CEO of Conversant Technology, commented on the expansion, stating:

This expansion is a milestone in bringing innovative communication solutions to North America. We are committed to connecting businesses with cutting-edge technology for seamless integration and enhanced productivity. Our C360 platform, particularly tailored for Microsoft Teams, addresses a crucial gap in the market, empowering businesses with sophisticated, scalable communication tools.

Patrick Copping, CEO, Conversant Technology

C360 is built around four core modules:
  • Teams Calling: Simplifies external telephony with Direct Routing.
  • Contact Centre: Enhances customer interaction capabilities within Microsoft Teams, supporting cohesive management of communication channels.
  • Social Media Messaging: Allows businesses to manage customer interactions on social media platforms directly from Microsoft Teams.
  • Interaction Recording: Ensures compliance and quality control by recording and storing all interactions from Microsoft Teams.
These modules are designed to work in tandem, providing a streamlined user experience and powerful analytical tools that offer insights into call volumes, durations, and service quality, to drive better business decisions.
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Conversant Technology is dedicated to providing innovative communication solutions that transform the efficiency and productivity of businesses around the world. From telephony to comprehensive communication systems, Conversant offers cutting-edge technology and services designed to integrate seamlessly into existing business infrastructures. Headquartered in Bristol UK, Conversant is committed to excellence in technology solutions and customer service.

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