Spires Online Tutors, the world’s premier marketplace for professional tutors, unveils Spires Connect: a unique white label solution for tutoring agencies and tutors to grow their brands. This is set to revolutionise the online tutoring industry, by offering agencies a route to quickly scale their services and retain more clients. With Spires Connect businesses can use an API connection to present the marketplace under their own brand, and offer their clients access to a network of 1000 of elite tutors, experts in over 400 academic subjects. Designed to support growth, Spires Connect promises to transform tutoring businesses of all sizes, setting a new standard for support tools in education.

Spires Connect: White Labelling Solves Agency Issues

A major challenge faced by tutoring agencies and independent tutors is when clients seek support in academic subjects that they do not offer, courses their tutors are unfamiliar with, or need short-term support for only a few hours. These situations result in lost revenue, lower ROI, and tutors spending more time on administration than they do on teaching. Spires Connect resolves these issues by empowering agencies and independent tutors to operate the world’s most advanced tutoring marketplace under their own brand, on their own website, and without any administration. Clients see nothing of the Spires brand.

Karol Pysniak, Spires Co-Founder and CTO, highlighted the significance of this initiative: Spires Connect is at the forefront of our efforts to create a more interconnected and efficient tutoring environment. By offering our white-labelling solution we enable tutoring businesses to leverage our technological expertise, administration systems, and extensive global tutor network. We want to help professional tutors do more of what they do best – teach! Our objective is to help our partners to foster unprecedented growth and service enhancement throughout the online tutoring sector.”

The key features of Spires Connect include: seamless access to a network of over 1000 high-calibre tutors, scalable technology, a hands-free operational model, and custom branding. Tutoring agencies can diversify their services and grow revenue without significant investment in technology or tutor recruitment.

Enhancing Tutoring Agency Capabilities and Market Reach

Spires Connect not only strengthens the operational capabilities of tutoring agencies but also extends their market reach. By integrating with Spires’ platform, agencies will benefit from a larger pool of tutoring professionals, enhancing the breadth of their brand services with subject specific experts.

Dr. Leo Evans, Spires Founder and CEO, said, “Introducing Spires Connect is a transformative step in our quest to innovate and elevate the tutoring sector. It’s more than a tool; it’s a commitment to excellence and innovation, equipping our partners with the resources they need to excel and expand in a competitive marketplace. Our goal is to make high-quality education more accessible, fostering a positive impact on the global educational ecosystem.”

Website: www.spires.co

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