Anders Ollson founder of Cassandra Oil and Jason Turner MD of Nexergy

Innovative ‘Caso technology’ will produce high-quality ‘Casoil’ from plastic and other waste in a game changer for environmental pollution and our carbon footprint.

London, UK – April 2024 – Nexergy Holding PLC, a leading investment firm dedicated to environmentally friendly energy production, is taking a significant step towards revolutionising the plastics industry as it joins hands with the Cassandra Oil Company, renowned for its innovative ‘Caso’ technology. Managing Director Jason Turner and Nexergy’s pioneering team visited the Cassandra Oil team and its founder, Anders Olsson, in Denmark, on April 18th, to witness first-hand the ground-breaking technology that converts plastic waste into ‘CASOIL’ (Cassandra Oil).

Over 400 million metric tons of plastic waste are annually generated worldwide, posing a severe threat to our environment. Most of this waste ends up in landfills or is incinerated, contributing to pollution. The innovative Caso Technology, developed by Cassandra Oil, offers a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative by transforming plastic waste into crude oil, creating a circular economy that facilitates nearly 100% material recovery.

Furthermore, the technology can process 10,500 tons of plastics per year, aligning with the European Union’s ambitious recycling targets, which mandate at least 55% of municipal waste to be recycled by 2025, escalating to 65% by 2035.

Jason Turner, Managing Director of Nexergy, expressed the significance of the visit, saying “Our visit to Denmark was an important step for myself and members of the Nexergy team. It was vital to meet the Cassandra Oil team and its founder, Anders Olsson, see the technology first hand, and deepen my understanding of the scale of the opportunity presented to us. I am looking forward to the next steps in our objective to bring Caso technology to the United Kingdom.”

The revolutionary Caso Technology presents a sustainable substitute for conventional fossil-based feedstocks in plastic production, significantly reducing reliance on virgin raw materials and substantially decreasing the carbon footprint of plastic products. CASOIL, produced through this cutting-edge process, maintains identical quality to traditional oil used in plastic production, thereby supporting the circular economy and seamlessly replacing fossil resources with sustainable alternatives, without impacting the recyclability of plastics.

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About Nexergy

Nexergy Holding PLC is committed to continuously acquiring companies and technologies that drive environmentally friendly energy production, cementing its position as a leader in sustainable solutions. By leveraging the transformative potential of Caso Technology, Nexergy Holding PLC is pioneering a paradigm shift towards sustainable plastic waste management and environmentally friendly energy production, shaping a greener future for our planet.

About Cassandra Oil

Cassandra Oil is a Swedish environmental company that recycles oil and gas from hydrocarbon-containing material using new technology.

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