Pyronix Enforcer

New from Pyronix is the Enforcer V11 upgrade kit (product code: ENF32UK/UPGRADE-WE).

An alarm installer can upgrade systems, and, the product company adds, build repeat business potential, by delivering compatibility with the HomeControl2.0 smart device app, the CarDefender product for vehicles, SmartPlug, AndroidTablet, DoorbellCam and more.

Laurence Kenny, Pyronix Marketing Director, said: “The V11 platform incorporates security, automation and video in one platform and this kit enables installers to add this value to existing customers, without having to swap out the entire panel; providing the use of our HomeControl2.0 app to control their security, cameras and SmartPlugs, for one unified experience.”

The ability to integrate the SmartPlug with the system enables the installer to enter the smart home market, the firm says; upselling so that users can use scenes or automations to switch lamps on and off as required, or link with the DoorbellCam to switch lights on as visitors are detected. HomeControl2.0 provides biometric login, personal help alarm, geo-fence reminders to arm and disarm the system as the user as they enter/exit the specified distance, view system status, cameras, SmartPlugs and more.

With Enforcer V11, users also have the option of using the AndroidTablet with HomeControlHUB to control the system and view cameras while on site or use as a conventional tablet. This interface also pulls installer branding from their PyronixCloud account to deliver a uniform system, has a quick share option for users to pass installer details on and can even be used as a portable keypad on maintenance visits.

Upgrading Enforcer estates to V11 also delivers compatibility with the company’s SPEAKER/SOUNDER-WE for visual and audible indication of system activity across a property, as well as the CarDefender, to combat vehicle theft – activating the house alarm, sending a notification via HomeControl2.0 or both if there is any attempt to force entry to or take the user’s vehicle.

V11 also provides interlinking fire zones which enable life safety devices such as the SMOKE-WE and HEAT-WE to be linked; activating all if any is triggered. Occupancy timers can be programmed on zones to provide a new care feature that protects elderly or vulnerable family members; setting timers on key devices around the home to generate a specified response should no movement be detected, as well as unsupervised zones which enables devices such as the CarDefender to be added on cars, vans and caravans.

Laurence said: “With changing user requirements and the innovations of the Enforcer V11, it was important to us that installers have a fast and efficient method of upgrading their existing Enforcer estate.

“The V11 is a significant milestone in the development of the Enforcer system, which delivers a complete one-platform solution that protects not just the property, but its occupants, the perimeter, vans, caravans, elderly relatives and much more, while also providing access to camera streams and controlling smart devices around the home.

“Now, installers can deliver this to existing customers to boost retention, build recurring revenue potential and extend the system longevity, without having to change the entire panel – making every existing Enforcer estate an opportunity for the installer to capitalise on; upselling all the current and future advantages of the V11 to deliver even greater value to both their customers and their business. It’s a win-win.”

The Enforcer V11 Upgrade Kit consists of a V11-ready PCB (printed circuit board), a new housing for the power supply and anti-static gloves. When fitting the PCB it is imperative the power supply cover is also replaced with the new one provided to ensure no interference with Wi-Fi communications.

After installing the Enforcer V11 Upgrade Kit, all prior panel programming will need replicating. This includes all configurations, the relearning of all wireless devices, a new PyronixCloud connection and the re-setup of any mobile applications.

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