Abloy UK

Abloy UK has launched CLIQ Local Manager (CLM) Remote. It’s for users to update key authorisations and make changes to schedules via wall programming devices.

CLIQ Local Manager is a locally installed software that is used for the day-to-day management of CLIQ master key systems. The software allows system managers to perform a variety of tasks based on the specific needs of their site, including managing access rights of user keys locally via desktop programming devices, and now, wall programming devices too.

Tony Barnes, Business Development Manager – Digital Key Systems at Abloy UK, said: “The new addition of the ‘Remote’ functionality to CLM offers enhanced flexibility for administrators and key users, as it decentralises access rights updates.

“Short-term changes to access rights and schedules can be implemented much more quickly, especially if several wall programming devices are installed across a premises. However, a high level of security is maintained through regular revalidation, minimising the risk of lost keys for peace of mind.”

About CLIQ Local Manager

The software can be installed on a standard Windows PC, with what you need to run programmable key access control for a business. The interface offers the ability to add or amend users and change the access rights of CLIQ keys with the companion programming device. System managers can limit access according to 32 programmable time slots, with key audit trails available. The product is suited, the developers say, to small or medium-sized businesses, as it works with electromechanical CLIQ systems as well as eCLIQ, the electronic key access system based on the same technology. Click Here

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