Acer’s long-term strategy, built on a foundation of indirect channel partnerships, a comprehensive product portfolio, award-winning service, and efficient sales tools, has positioned the company as a leader in the ever-evolving tech industry. As Acer approaches its 50th anniversary, the company continues to adapt and scale its offerings to provide a secure foundation for its customers’ business growth.

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Key Strengths of Acer’s Business Model

Channel Partnerships: Acer’s growing ecosystem of partners plays a crucial role in meeting end-customer needs by providing expertise and support throughout their digital transformation journey. The Synergy Partner Program, with its various certifications, ensures that partners are equipped to serve diverse market segments and niche industries.

In-House Repair and Contact Centers: Acer’s commitment to local investment in company-owned call and repair centers allows for faster response times, greater flexibility, and top-quality repairs, ensuring customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Sustainability: Acer is dedicated to creating a better future for the next generations. The company’s commitment to the environment is evident in its product design, with the Vero line featuring up to 60% post-consumer recycled plastics and 100% recyclable packaging. Acer’s focus on sustainability aligns with the goals of environmentally conscious businesses.

Next-Generation Sales Tools: Acer as a Service, including Acer Smart Financing and Acer Device as a Service, offers customers a flexible and sustainable way to manage their IT fleet, reducing both carbon footprint and e-waste. The Acer Trade-in Express platform further promotes the circular economy by allowing customers to offset the cost of new products with their old devices.

Built-to-Last Portfolio: Acer’s Professional Portfolio is designed for diverse business needs, from small businesses to large enterprises. The devices are ruggedized for durability, equipped with robust security features, and designed to minimize environmental impact.

Embracing AI: Acer is at the forefront of AI innovation, with products like the TravelMate series leveraging AI to boost productivity and efficiency.

Looking to the Future

As Acer celebrates its 50th anniversary, the company remains committed to its core values of innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity. By continuing to adapt and evolve, Acer is well-positioned for continued success in the dynamic tech landscape.

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About Acer

Founded in 1976, Acer is one of the world’s top ICT companies with a presence in more than 160 countries. As Acer evolves with the industry and changing lifestyles, it is focused on enabling a world where hardware, software and services will fuse with one another, creating ecosystems and opening new possibilities for consumers and businesses alike. Acer’s 7,500 employees are dedicated to the research, design, marketing, sale, and support of products and solutions that break barriers between people and technology. Please visit for more information.

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