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A next-generation textile meets a world of colour with BAUX’s remarkably versatile Acoustic Felt system—which now offers seven new colours for Interior Designers to play with. 

BAUX has just added seven new colours to their popular Acoustic Felt Recycled PET range. This launch further diversifies the range’s originally earthy palette with striking shades such as Sapphire Blue and Ruby Purple. As with existing colours in the range, the new colours are produced from GRS-certified recycled PET bottles.

“We have always believed that acoustic functionality, sustainability, and interior aesthetics can—and should—go hand-in-hand,” says Fredrik Franzon, CEO and Co-founder of BAUX. “It is our hope that the expanded Acoustic Felt palette will empower designers to keep playing, experimenting and creating inspirational and purpose-driven interiors.” 

Closing the loop on PET waste, opening a world of colour—from bold statements to subtle elegance. 

First launched in 2022, BAUX’s Acoustic Felt range is a next-generation textile made from GRS-certified recycled PET bottles sourced from recycling entities across Europe. Despite the material’s recycled origins, BAUX is able to produce a precise palette of colours thanks to a process where recycled PET bottles are chipped into sortable flakes.

Building upon over three decades of sustainable design and colour theory, BAUX’s Acoustic Felt range now embraces a striking 13-colour palette. The new shades include Opal Green, Cerulean Blue, Sapphire Blue, Pure Violet, Ruby Purple, Topaz Brown and Hazel Brown. This is in addition to the original colour set, ranging from a greyscale of Light Grey, Grey and Dark Grey to the more saturated hues of Khaki, Coral Red and Jade Green.

The new colours will be available starting February 6, 2024, across the entire BAUX Acoustic Felt panel range. To learn more about the BAUX Acoustic Felt range, visit:

BAUX is a global leader in acoustics, providing creative, beautiful, and more sustainable solutions for all environments—including workspaces, medical, educational, and hospitality settings. / @bauxdesign

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