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Alula Technologies, a global leader in providing innovative solutions in insurance, healthcare and employee benefits, has announced a strategic partnership with ROOK, the pioneering wearable health data platform.


Alula, known for its commitment to enhancing customer experiences and risk understanding through AI-enabled technology solutions, joins forces with ROOK to revolutionise the integration and utilisation of health data in the insurance and healthcare sectors.


Alula specializes in leveraging rich data insights and modern technologies to drive efficiencies and informed decision-making processes. With a focus on insurance, healthcare, and employee benefits, Alula is dedicated to unlocking the full potential of data to better understand risk and improve overall customer satisfaction.

ROOK is an innovator in the field of health data aggregation. Its wearable health data platform empowers software and applications with comprehensive health metrics through a single, streamlined integration and data stream.

By seamlessly integrating and processing data from a myriad of wearable devices and other sources, ROOK simplifies the complexity of health data management, enabling organisations to derive actionable insights with ease.

“We are delighted to embark on this transformative journey with ROOK,” said Simon Spurr, Executive Director at Alula. “By combining our expertise in data analytics and risk management with ROOK’s advanced capabilities in health data aggregation, we are poised to deliver enhanced value to our clients across the globe.

“The collaboration between Alula and ROOK is a natural fit, as both entities share a common goal of harnessing data to drive meaningful outcomes in the insurance and healthcare domains. ROOK’s expertise in aggregating data from various devices, including smartwatches, smart scales, glucose monitors, and more, complements Alula’s advanced underwriting processes, ongoing risk assessment strategies and continual enrichment of health status comprehension.

Together, they aim to empower companies with strategies geared towards enhancing user engagement, improving risk assessment accuracy, and ultimately transforming the landscape of insurance and healthcare services.”

“This partnership marks a significant milestone in our mission to revolutionize the way health data is utilized,” said Marco Benitez, CEO at ROOK. “Together with Alula, we are poised to drive innovation, foster better decision-making, and ultimately empower organizations to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals worldwide.”

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