Innovative Smart Locks Combine with Quality Manufacture

Daventry, UK – eLocker, the leading provider of digital locker solutions for the modern workplace, has formed a partnership with leading locker supplier LinkLockers. By combining eLocker’s cloud-connected digital locks with LinkLockers’ high-quality, UK-manufactured locker range, employees in offices and warehouses will have faster, more secure access to lockers and their contents. All managed via eLocker’s web portal.

eLocker smart lockers are used for management of loaned assets such as scanners, where device loss and damage is near-eliminated, as well as for staff lockers on a hot, allocated or shared basis. More recently, they have allowed organisations to easily set up ’click and collect’ operations within their own premises.

The wireless smart locks are simple to install, flexible and connected to an online platform where managers can see real-time data on locker usage, reducing management time by 94%. This simplifies locker and device management, and improves the employee experience.

Designed with operational efficiency and enhanced convenience in mind, the partnership delivers locking solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing RFID fobs and access cards, eliminating the need for multiple keys and authorisation passes, and supporting the increasingly popular ‘one card’ policy favoured by organisations. Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of security for accessing and retrieving vital equipment from a locker. This can also record transactions, providing better accountability and tracking the usage of equipment.

As a trusted brand of the Whittan Group and benefitting from over seven decades of storage expertise, LinkLockers sees the partnership with eLocker as the next logical step for modern internet-enabled organisations to manage their operations safely and efficiently.

Jacob Hinson, Founder of eLocker, commented: “We are excited to announce our partnership with LinkLockers. By combining eLocker’s innovative digital lock technology and LinkLockers’ expertise in creating durable, reliable lockers, we can provide customers with a solid return on their investment and a vast improvement to the lives of locker users and managers.”

Carl Bould, Managing Director from LinkLockers added: “We’re really excited to join forces with eLocker to deliver next-generation locker solutions. This partnership underscores our commitment to continual innovation, and to provide customers with the most secure and efficient storage solutions available.”


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